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I had so much fun playing this game, I can't honestly remember the last time I had that much fun. This game is incredible. I loved it so, so much. So I'd like to thank you for making such an awesome game.

I also really love The Temple of No.

Here's a video of me playing your game.

Extremely fun to play, an absolute blast.


Wow. Really cool game. It's really cool going behind the scenes and envisioning how the world looks and how your events affect a world that you never truly see. Also, a lot of good mind games coming from the narration. I found myself checking my feet after the fall, and loved messing with the phones to the narrator's distress

This game was such a neat experience! I can't wait to go back through and find all the Easter Eggs that I've been hearing about!

I really loved this game!

This game was awesome. I've never experienced something like this. Definitely recommend playing this! I don't want to say anything to spoil it so just play it!

This is an awesome game!

Ok, maybe not 15 minutes if you like to explore a bit. We've played this a couple times and there are some variations that you can get going. Secondary switches and so forth. Who knew being backstage of a game was so compelling? Actually we did. It reminded me a lot of working an Alternate Reality Game or Escape Room. LOVE LOVE LOVE such a wonderful narrative based game.

This game was awesome and I loved it! I wish there were more games like this to play besides The Stanley Parable. My mind was completely blown though when I found out Justin Roiland was involved with this. All-in-all, 11/10

Hello! I am player number 7472 and let's player number 371! I adored your game, it was the perfect blend of humour and gameplay (well behind the gameplay!) Also it looked gorgeous, I applaud your efforts good sirs and madams! You may partake in the 371st let's play of your marvellous game~

Sound effects were legit.

10/10, I was really.......Lack of a better term....Confused. I was expecting a heisting single player game and Well Just play the game. It was fun, Nice art style, Very nice, Very Nice voice acting.

I loved this game. 11/10, everything was great from the voice acting to the graphics.


Fantastic experience. Made me laugh like no other game has in a long time.

I really loved playing this game, very funny i made a video on it, it will be up in about 10 minutes here:

Excellent game!

Really really funny ! I laughed a lot !

Thanks for this game ! x)

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This was a hilarious little narrative game, thank you so much for sharing! I made a video as well, hope that's okay! Looking forward to more of your games. :)


Tigers are always good. So are voice actors from (or pretending to be?) rick and morty in the developer commentary.

Hey, so... I tried to play this, but the game keeps crashing when I'm supposed to go into the wildlife preparation. I'm playing on windows 7 and I get no error message or anything, the game screen just vanishes, it looks as if I'm back on my desktop but I can't interact with anything and the sound continues. Any Ideas what I could do?

i enjoyed this game.I only wish the game was more longer then normal because it would have been so much fun Please reply back

CROWS! CROWS! CROWS! Such an amazing game concept. The commentary made me feel like i was part of the experience. The little details they had left behind makes you want to go back and play again just in case you miss anything. The gaming style makes you question at first. The models was perfect. I love you guys. Keep it up!

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Finally achieved the Real Game! Check this out!

5 out of 5 - Fantastically fun, an artistic spectacle that's a blast to play.

A very good game. What was this game made with?


Unity and the ProBuilder asset!

AND HERE WE ARE! Is there any secrets? Anything? Basically im asking for a reason to play this game again!


Start a new game, keep an eye out and see what happens???????

Lovely. Half an hour well spent; recommending to all my friends! I'll have to replay now that I know 'bout the secret areas and whatnot.

Here's the tapes and locations for people who missed it

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Pretty Great game. Loved the tapes

Awesome game! I NEED MOORE! really impressed with what you guys did here, looking forward to more of it! WELL DONE! :D

Is there any way whatsoever to obtain the "unfinished beta" version of this game for those who never heard of the "Magpie Collection" and were not fortunate enough to support it at the time?


if you are still looking for it.

I actually managed to find it not too long ago, thanks though!

INCREDIBLE GAME! I liteally cant believe my eyes and ears. It was and i dont say this often, a masterpiece of gaming! heres a playthrough i did, you can watch it tomarrow at 2:30

Really phenomenal guys! With all the little details you could definitely spend more than 15 or 20 minutes (intended run-time) playing this game. The graphics are super fresh and crisp. Awesome voice over acting. Felt very original. Cheers!

Awesome game! SO good! Loved it!

Staaay rad everybody!!


Enjoyed it :) keep it up.

How did you embed your video?



Get a link that looks like the above and hit enter :)

Thanks :)

Well Done!

A must-play :)

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