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this was a really neat experience, i really liked the scenery and lighting in the game and the voice lines were hilarious and fun. definitely play this without watching gameplay of it first, playing it blind the first time is a great experience and very unexpected. the strike stuff and just the whole thing was so meta, 4th wall breaking, and unique overall. cool that justin roiland was involved in the voice acting!


Very well made game! i love the graphics, story and atmosphere!

Ignore this game, don't download it, send help, they've got a tiger here, a bloody TIGER, it's LOOSE, it's gonna - oh dear Christ on a bi-

Time periods in human history should be measured in terms of being before or after this game's release. That's how influential it is. Good show.

different game


I was disappointed by the tiger, my least favorite part was the twist with Dr. Langeskov's love affair, and the emerald was clearly just a writing device used to aid the story. 0/10.

(jk this game was amazing, I love your charm, Crows Crows Crows!)

I played this back when most my videos were in German, and since then I think it to be one of the best free games there are.

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I loved every second of this game, I didn't want to talk too much because I was afraid I would miss some of the humor, and that seemed like a grave sin! lol Really, really enjoyed your game! Crows Crows Crows, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!

So fun! I loved it! :)


Too funny! You guys are great.

Did you know that Dr. Langeskov is the prequel to Payday: The Heist and Payday 2?

No game ever has made me laugh out that hard just by letting me out of the start screen... <3!!!


Yim Yum! What a good thieving I've done. ;{)


Brilliantly funny! What a thrilling heist!

Bloody Brilliant.

Really Great. Short, but entertaining


I went in blind and had a good half an hour chuckling and really toughly enjoying the story.  


One of the greatest heist games I've ever tried playing. Go in blind!


Couldn't actually interact with most things. Couldn't see many things to read them. Linear game on a timed script that pestered me to hurry or didn't respond to my clicks until the script allowed it. Quit after a few minutes.


No one to blame but yourself for getting tiger-eaten. Good job getting your comment out from inside a tiger, must be dark in there. Few bars too.

A while ago, I had watched a play through of The Stanley Parable, and this was just as majestic and wonderful to watch. I greatly enjoyed the little mechanics things had, and the narration was a great touch.


This, is BY FAR the best game of this century!


Such a great game! Kind of felt like some of the light/sound cues were off, and at one point the elevator bugged and took really long to start moving, but overall wonderful!

Such a hoot! Don't forget to play again for the directors commentary cassettes. Hilarious. Thank you!!

Full review and the other most special games from The Bundle here:


Went in blind and I was extremely pleased. Truly fun and funny.


Incredible. Absolutely incredible. I knew next to nothing going in and then I wanted to know absolutely everything once I finished. I want to make this game central in my thinking of what video games can be, but that still won't give it the credit it deserves. 


Fun, wacky, go in blind.

Played this on Steam and loved it.


I went in this blind and am glad I did. I'll just say the game is much shorter than what you think, so do yourself a favor and check it out as soon as possible!

this is the best game ever


Subtitles were not working.

I love this  ok


This is great loved the puzzle with the tiger!


Wow this game was so unexpected. I didn't really know what I was getting into when I downloaded this but I was so pleasantly surprised.

Crows Crows Crows, i love your stuff. The Club was fantastic and i am waiting for Stanley parable deluxe or whatever its called.  And this is another Stanley Parable kind of a game that breaks the fourth wall. Graphics, narration, everything was smooth dynamic and nice. Great game, loved it. And yes it was very unexpected.

ok i am SOOOOOOOOO confused i just played through the game twice and have read through the cocomments three times now and i just have to ask....are the people who are saying stuff like sneaking past guards and such are they just trolling or am i missing something. pleas help   



yes to what? yes im missing something or yes their being jerks

I beat the game and i didn't notice guards, i think they were just joking around. I think, you might want to watch youtube videos to see if its true or not.

Also did you beat it?

yes i beat it 2 1/2 times


Very cute.  I liked the part with the tiger.

The emerald was cool too.  But Dr. Langeskock can go to hell. >:(


Quite enjoyed the game until this happened, have been trying to get it resolved for a really long time.

Thank you.


Great game! Unfortunately, the part where you are sneaking past to guards in the hallway. a tiger instantly kills you and lasers start firing at you, and then weird noises were head before I stepped on to the elevator. Not sure if it was a glitch... ?

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